Podcast Help and Query

Hey there all I am fairly new to the podcast creating world and am starting up a Pop Culture podcast which will include interviews with bands (up and coming/already established), reviews on cds, snippets of new tracks from popular bands and discussions on recently released movies and tv shows of the sci fi/horror/thriller genres.
Basically it will be set out to sound like a pre-recorded radio show.
Any suggestions as to what microphone and other gear I should obtain? I’m still shopping around and am in early pre-production stages.


…but you’re going to do it live?

That’s a lot harder than you think. The hitches come when you want to Skype as part of the show. That’s extraordinarily hard to do as the common software packages all work off-line. Not live.

Then you’re going to want multiple microphones (over 1) and that kills a single computer doing all the work without an external mixer. One path to inspect is “aggregated microphones” which allows two microphones to arrive in the computer looking like one microphone which makes Audacity pretty happy. This is a new process. It’s only showed up here on the forum in the last couple of months. However, you can’t, that I know of, adjust one microphone.

Another hole people fall into is trying to integrate sound effects at the same time all the rest of this is happening, like opening and closing themes, stingers, and sound beds.

Lots of people graduate to a small external mixer for this kind of show and in some cases, one computer for the effects work and Skype, and a second computer or stand-alone recorder to capture the result. Separating those two jobs goes a long way to speeding the work.

You may or may not be able to get all that to work in real time, my guess is no. Off-line production almost invariably takes ten times the length of the show. If you produce a 3 minute show, on average, it will take you 30 minutes or more to produce it.

So wearing your producer hat, you need to make concrete decisions whether you’re gong to try and go live or not, because those packages are reeeeely different.