Podcast fading in and out for background music with macro

Hi Everyone

I started creating a macro for my podcast, but it’s impossible for me to find a solution for this:
I would really apreciate a help on this. I know this could be simple, but as I am new on this I find this very hard.

  1. Intro Music inserted at start, plays for 3 seconds then starts a slow fade in background as my podcast audio starts

  2. Intro Music inserted at end, fading up 3 seconds before the end of the podcast audio, then 5 more seconds to the end of the title music playing after I finish.

Thank you so much in advance

Do you “need” to use a macro for that? It should only take a few seconds to do manually, and I assume that you are not releasing more than a handful of podcasts per week.

To do it manually, assuming that your podcast, the intro and the outro are all safely saved as WAV files, and that the intro and outro already have the fades applied:

  1. Import all three files
  2. Use the Time Shift Tool to drag the clips into position (see screenshot below)
  3. Export as MP3


Hi Steve I really apreciate your response!
Yes, I need to do that with a macro because I will need also to apply effects and more. I edit podcast everyday

I can think of ways you might to do the first one with a Macro, but not the second.

The second one is a cousin to: “Watch me and get off the bus one stop before I do.”

You need to invoke the Universal Predictive Algorithm … which doesn’t exist.

Other than silent-sense for when the show drops dead at the end, I can’t think of a way to “find” the end.

Beginning is relatively easy.

Insert 3 seconds of silence.
Open pre-baked intro music.

The Intro Music should open in a separate track under the show. You should have already prepared the three seconds full volume and the fade. Audacity will mix them together when you export.

I can’t think of a way to do the end one even with a higher-level programming language.


I predict you’re trying to do this all one one timeline. Note neither of us did it that way.


What effects do you need to apply?
What do you need to apply the effects to?

EQ, Compressor, Limiter, etc. But I found information about that. However, I didn’t find any related to fade in and out with macros :cry:

Thank you so much for your comment. However, I am trying to do this automatically. I just want to add the voice recording and the music and then with one click create the podcast episode.

This is what I made but it still needs work

Surely you only need to apply those to the new podcast and not to the intro / outro. :confused:


AutoDuck is the app for that: to ensure the voice is not drowned-out by the music when they overlap.

Autoduck doesn’t work well for a podcast intro :frowning:

Steve, Could you help me How I can move the outro to that place with macro? I would like to move it 3 seconds before the voice audio (the show ) ends.

Thank you so much

I really don’t think it’s worth the effort scripting that part, but since you ask, it would be along the lines of:

  1. Import2: to import the outro
  2. Select the track that has just been imported
  3. Cut
  4. Select the last couple of seconds of the project in track 3
  5. Paste

How do you find the end of the show? Isn’t that an undefined variable?


Assuming that the end of the podcast track is the end of the show (any trailing silence / unwanted audio has been removed), then the last couple of seconds can be selected with:

SelectTime:End="2" RelativeTo="ProjectEnd" Start="0"