Podcast equipment


I am looking to start my own podcast (with a budget of $500) or so and was wondering what sort of equipment people would recommend.

I use a Mac book pro.

I am considering using a mixer and have been looking at microphones as well. I know one could spend nearly $500 just on the mic, but upon further consideration, I am thing that is overkill.

However, I am just a ‘baby’ when it comes to this so was wondering if people could recommend equipment for a starting up podcaster.

Since you have a MacBook Pro, that’s all you need. Unlike Windows machines, the built-in microphone is not half bad. I have done simple voice tracks for television commercial production on it. Nobody will be awarding me medals, but it worked. This is enough for you to produce a voice track and with Audacity in edit mode, add theme music, stingers, bumpers and other sound effects.

Once you get a couple of shows under your belt, you’ll have a much better idea of your problems and where you want to go with your show.

You’re going to have basic problems right away.
Hint: Whatever room you’re considering recording your podcast in isn’t going to work.



Bedrooms with lots of soft furnishings to soak up the echoes are good.

A good mic is a good investment, but note that typical “condenser” microphones require a pre-amp (or mixing desk) that has “phantom power”.

A mixing desk allows you to expand your set-up at a later date should you wish to. If you get one, ensure it has phantom power and enough Mic inputs to meet your future needs as well as your current needs.

USB microphones are not “expandable” - you get one mic and that’s it. If you want to expand later, the USB mic goes to e-bay and you by a mixing desk.

Don’t be tempted to get distracted by equipment - the Podcast is the important thing. Get started asap - equipment can be upgraded as you gain experience and discover what you really need.

I am looking to start my own podcast

Describe the show. In detail. That pretty well tells us the equipment list. It also tells us production problems. “I want to do interviews over Skype” is usually the kiss of death. That’s a lot harder to do than everybody thinks because Skype makes connections so effortless. What’s not effortless is recording them.

People who want to record their game play is another production problem. Six live people sitting around a table in a non-studio is a nightmare. Interviews with people at the shopping center? That’s not impossible but it’s harder than you think.

Go with the internal microphone in a quiet room until you get your sea legs, then expand. After your first show, you’ll know all about that dog that barks next door and the noise the refrigerator makes. Oh, and know how to put your phone on Silent. Nothing turns an audience off faster than: “Oh, Hi mum. Can I call you back?”


You are after an audience, right? Or is this a vanity podcast because Jerry down the block has one? Koz

Some really solid replies here and sound advice. I am just going to do as you suggest. Simply use the computer with the built-in mic.

I need to setup a few things (website etc.) but will worry about equipment later.

Thanks people.

I’ll let you guys know when I get this plane off the ground.

Post a link. The elves have all kinds of experience with all sorts of sound issues.
Not going to tell us what the show is?

I need to setup a few things (website etc.)

Going with your own domain? Dot-Com, or one of the new domains? That’s what I did. I’m a Dot-Com. It’s a complete scrambled mess, but it’s insanely handy when I need to ship files around or share performances or other public work. It also helps that one of the Systems Operators in our company is hosting it, so it’s all in the family.

This is my photographic studio for technical illustrations and pictures.

That’s wedding dress material and white kitchen Formica®