Podcast downloaded into iTunes I need to put into Audacity

I’m doing an assignment for school where I need to edit three clips of an episode of my favorite podcast. I downloaded the episode but it went into iTunes and I need to edit it in Audacity. Any advice for moving it over easily?

Will iTunes let you drag the show onto your desktop? Then Right-Click > Open With > Audacity.

Where in that process do you lose it?

iTunes has, under certain conditions of paid content, actually stiffened it’s FairPlay copy protection and may not let you drag something out of iTunes. In that case the only way I know of is set Audacity up to record what’s playing on the computer and then play the show.


Of course, in the case of an hour show, that is going to take an hour, but once you get it that far, the restriction should be gone.


I downloaded the episode but it went into iTunes

That is a little odd. It should have gone to Windows Media. You might put that down to Windows Preferences.


What’s the podcast?

It’s possible to drag’n’drop files into Audacity …

Thanks everyone I figured it out. I found the podcast in my downloads and added it Audacity that way