Podcast best save record!

Hi all,
Does anyone know what is the best configuration to save a good podcast audio record? I have done some tests and the file MP3 is getting to big.
Please let me know. Any help is very appreciated.

Thank you.


You can always reduce the bitrate of the MP3 when you export the Audacity project. The default Audacity setting is 128 which is regarded by many as the minimum for music - 64 is generally reckoned to be ok for spoken voice. You can use lower bit rates - but the more you reduce the bitrate the worse the sound quality will be - you will get noticeable digital artifacts (sort of tinkly sounds).


Creating your podcast in mono will produce much smaller MP3’s

I use
default sample rate 11,025
file format - bit rate 32kbs
Mainly single voice talking - ~22minutes = 5.3Mb
quality is ok. you wouldn’t want to listen to this all day long though :slight_smile:

<<<default sample rate 11,025>>>

A lot of people do that, and I wonder about the wisdom. MP3 encoder’s job is to preserve the original quality as much as possible given the compression bitrate selected. If you subsample and process the show ahead of time and make it mushy and muffled, then the encoder will try to preserve the mush and muffle.

On the other hand, I have produced 32K MP3 files of clear, high-quality mono performances and you very nearly can’t tell what I did.

The output file size depends on the MP3 bit rate, not the quality of the original – with the only exception being the Mono/Stereo thing.