Plugins testing in 2.1.2

I’m just testing plugins ATM.

The list is mostly the same as it was under 2.1.1…

One plugin is now working correctly in 2.1.2 while it wasn’t in 2.1.1. That’s UpStereo.
One plugin (GonioMeter) isn’ working anymore. Now it crashes, under 2.1.1 it seemed to work, but it didn’t really work.
One plugin that was working, shows bugs in a more in-depth test.

And that’s on a total of around 65 recent, known good free plugins gathered for testing.

That’s not to say VST support is perfect. There’s the one bug with the closing button on OSX that lands you with a forced quit as only way out.

And there’s still some inconsistent behaviour and oddities, but these have been around for a very long time. And nobody ever stated that VST support was full, fully matured, or complete.

These plugins will also be tested in several other DAW’s. I expect these will show some unwanted behaviour too. I’m just curious as to which tool shows the better support…

I assume you are testing on Mac not Windows and this is nothing to do with Sound Activated Recording so I started a new topic for you.

Can you provide steps for that, in case we don’t know about it.


It was just a reflection on what Mickster was saying about more bugs in 2.1.2, especially when it comes to plugins.

The “closing with the red button” bug when closing effect windows was already reported here:

Item 2.

OK you mean effects closing - that is already at, though real-time preview (RTP) effects don’t seem to be affected in latest builds.

There is also this specific issue ENTER does not work to apply effects but does work if you switch out of and back into Audacity. But if you switch back into a real-time preview effect then ENTER to apply the effect, all RTP effects are greyed out in the menus for the session (though appearing enabled in Plug-in Manager).


Thx, Gale.

I might have noticed the second one too. But I’m so used to weird behaviour from VST’s, it sometimes doesn’t register anymore :laughing: