Plugins so not show under effects[SOLVED]

Hi everyone…I am just learning how to use Audacity. I have downloaded several VSTs from different sites and placed them all in the plugins file under Audacity in the program files. I have checked the preference box to scan for new VSTs and restarted the program…After several attempts at this its become apparent that I am doing something wrong because nothing ever shows up under the effects no matter how many times i do this…can anyone help? I am using Windows XP.

I presume that you have the “Enable > VST” and “Display VST in graphical mode” enabled?
64 bit VSTs and VSTi (VST instruments) are not supported by Audacity.

There’s a couple of items in the FAQ to look at:

Failing that, what are the VSTs that you are trying to install and where are they from?

thank you for the help…i just needed to extract the files then restart Audacity and they all showed up
thank you!