Plugins Show Up In Their Folder, But Can't Be Used

I recently downloaded the 2.1.1 update for Audacity, and decided to download the VST Enabler, and Gsnap so I could auto-tune my voice for a video I’m doing. I followed online walk-through’s to the “T” and still can’t use Gsnap. It doesn’t even show up in my effects. If I manage effects, I find Gsnap in there, but after I enable it, it still won’t show up in effects. I went back into Manage, and I found it wasn’t enabled, even though I clicked “okay” and confirmed what I wanted enabled. I’ve been messing with this for the past 2 hours, and have no clue where to turn.

I’m running Windows 10, and have heard that VST Enabler isn’t needed any more for Audacity, but I uninstalled it and deleted it out of Audacity, and got the same results. I honestly have no clue what I’m doing here

You can be a correctly designed effect and still not be supported in Audacity. For example, if the effect requires serious graphic management, that’s going to sail right out of the running.


GSnap works in Audacity except for MIDI tuning.

For Windows 10, make sure you have the latest DLL (currently v1.2.4.4) from

Make sure at Edit > Preferences…, Effects section, that VST effects are enabled.