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Whoever reads this message, I apologize in advance if it’s not about audacity but I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s about FL STUDIO, please reply if you can help me. It turns out that a plugin was not installed properly. In general if you know how to help me please write to me on telegram @socjmad or by email and I will write all the details… Please, I can’t take it anymore, no one helps me.

I don’t have FL Studio…

32-bit and 64-bit plug-ins are not interchangeable. I assume Fl Studio is 64-bits so you’ll need 64-bit plug-ins.

It’s up to the plug-in developer to make the plug-in compatible with the host.

With commercial (paid) plug-ins they usually have a list of supported DAWs/hosts on their website. If FL Studio is not on the list it might still work but you “can’t complain” if it doesn’t. And if might stop working if you update FL Studio, etc.

With free plug-ins it’s usually hit-or miss, because the developer usually doesn’t have the budget to test & debug with many different hosts.

BTW - Most commercial plug-ins don’t officially support Audacity. (I assume that’s because most Audacity users want free stuff and they don’t buy lots of plug-ins.)

It’s a bad idea to post your email on the Internet (unless it’s temporary) because spambots will harvest it.

Can I write you on telegram?

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