Plugins do not activate

Hi there,

it is mainly about the silent subliminal plugin, which I installed properly (and had used before already), but actually many plugins are not to activate. I clicked on “all” and “activate” and “ok”, but no error message appears, nevertheless they stay deactivated.

Even installed the earlier version to try, but this had the same outcome.

What am I doing wrong???

The plug-ins that are greyed out in the menu have been enabled. The menu items are greyed out because they are not real-time plug-ins. You need to select some audio before you can apply them.

Thank you for your reply!
Just fixed the problem somehow.
Installed the ffmpeg, and now it’s working.
So, after 4 days of sweat finally :-)))

Installing ffMPEG had nothing to do with solving your problem.

Some effects require that there be a selection of audio before they are enabled in the Effect menu.

My problem was, that I could not activate some effects. Sorry, if my screenshot was misunderstandsble. My problem is solved now.

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