Plugin template

I’m looking for a template to work from to develop -a plugin for Audacity. I prefer to use VC# or VC++ on a WinXP machine. Plugin needs at least two sliders and a input data. Output will be same format as input put with some signal processing.

I have VS2005, VS2005 Express and VS2008 Express.

Thanks for help in advance.


Audacity supports both Nyquist and LADSPA plugins.
For Nyquist plug-ins you need nothing more than a text editor (preferably one with parenthesis matching).

At present I known very little about LADSPA plug-ins, but here is the relevant home page:

As it can be used in many other programs, it looks like VST is what I’ll work with.



Audacity is probably not the best development platform for VST as VST support in Audacity is rather poor.

LADSPA plug-ins are also widely supported by many audio programs, particularly on Linux, and being open source, support and documentation are freely available.

Foe VST you should really be looking at Steinberg software as they own that format.


It seems that I must do it with VST because my daughter uses Adobe Audition and I must make it work for her first.
What seems to be wrong with VST and Audacity? I have many VST routines that I use with it.


Audacity has no support for VST GUI’s (replacing them with a very basic GUI) and no support for real time effects or VSTi’s.
Audacity can be built from source code to support ASIO (using the ASIO SDK from Steinberg), in which case it can be plumbed into a stand alone VST host.

I also use Audition, but to be honest I preferred it when it was Cool Edit Pro (which was before they introduced VST support) - however that does open up another avenue which is Direct-X effects, which I believe are still supported by Audition (I presume your daughter is on Windows).

Depending on why you want to develop your own effects (for the fun of doing it, for some special effect that is not already available…?) there are a lot of excellent free VST effects already available. There are some very good ones available from the Reaper website and also check out the links on the Wavosaur web site.

Direct X doesn’t work in Audacity. I quit Audition at 1.5 and agree CoolEdit was best. It seems that the only common plug in is VST. I’m going to have to try it and see if I can get a couple sliders in it. Process is a very special AGC like process and have never found it in other code. Would sue if I did as a Patent is involved.

Thanks for the help.