Plugin sounds different when previewed and used in realtime

I’m using the Kuassa Amplifikation Lite plugin on Audacity 3.4.2, 64 bit, for Windows 10. When I use the effect with a track in realtime, it sounds slightly different (like a lower tone, it’s hard to explain) after I mix/render the track or export it. The same thing happens when I preview the effect and then apply it to the track.

Any idea what’s going on? Is this a problem with the plugin or Audacity?

EDIT: The problem with realtime playback seems to be fixed when I turn the effect off and on again. However, I have to do it every single time I play it.

In some VST3 plugins, Audacity3 applies the plugin’s default settings,
rather than the ones you painstakingly created.
A possible workaround is to save your settings as a preset in the plugin,
so Audacity remembers them, (not guaranteed to work).

It’s using the settings I want, it just sounds slightly different. I can’t make it sound exactly the same, either. It’s also more noticeable sometimes than others.

It’s displaying the settings you set, and applying them in realtime,
but when rendering it applies the plugin’s default settings.

It is not the default settings that I am hearing. The difference isn’t that drastic.

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