Plugin Scans

I have an absurd amount of plugins and want to help identify where Audacity times our and/or freezes. If you have plugins with know issues, please add to my thread.

As you have not specified a specific release of Audacity and as Audacity 3.2.2 was just released I assume you have not yet had the opportunity to try out this new version. It addresses many of the issues users were having in prior 3.2.x releases. :smiley:

Apologies for not putting the version but it was indeed this version (the latest) that I was testing with. I’m doing it again now and again, I will own up to throwing more plugins at it than almost any normal user BUT I think it’s a great test for resliency.

19 minutes in and plugins still not scanned so gather it’s frozen. Stuck at SoundToys Decapitator at the moment. VST version.

FYI. Audacity 3.2.3 was released yesterday. It addresses a few additional issues with VSTs and plugins.