plugin request for multi octave shifter to be created

hi there, i’m looking for multi octave shifter, i can’t seem to find one. so what i want to request is a plugin for nyquest that is high quality. like this for the controls
these are the controls i want:
c octave: ----------
A octave: ----------
b octave:-----------
d octave -----------
e octave: ---------
F octave: -----------
G octave: ----------
a# octave: ----------
c#Db octave: -----------
a#Bb octave:----------
G#Ab octave: -------
D#Eb octave: -------

all the way up to 12 octaves.

thanks :slight_smile:

What is it that you can’t accomplish with the Change Pitch effect?

i can’t manually change separate octaves even if i want to.
2 they are combined in with pitch shift. you change at once with the pitch shift but not separate octaves like if i want to c2 to c3 and change a1 to a3 octaves at the same time separately.

Why do you want to do this, and for what type of recording - voice, piano, trumpet? Sounds to me like MIDI is a better approach.

[u]Melodyne[/u] can probably do that if there is only one voice or instrument, but I’m not sure how will it would handle simultaneous mixed voices or instruments.

i want to do mixed istruments and multi voice’s that’s why i’m requesting this because i don’t have the money for melodyne.

i don’t have the money for melodyne.

please create this for me???

I actually want open source melodyne equivalent, for pitch/freq manipulation (speech synth excluded). If that would be in Audacity, would that be nice. Can you find youtube tutorials which show the wanted operation? Could you ask a melodyne user to make such tutorial so that we Audacity people know what is needed.

It’s not a question of “knowing what is needed”. I’m sure most of the Audacity developers understand what would be needed, but the development effort to do it is a massive undertaking, which is a large part of why Melodyne is so expensive (if it were easy, everyone would do it). Melodyne has evolved through years of research and development by a team of full-time developers at Celemony, and that’s a huge investment in a specialist product.

yest that would be nice. :slight_smile:

Because I don’t see queue to writing such tool, it is better to start this by babysteps. From the begin so that more people know what is needed to know. I felt the original author did not know how to approach us correctly.

All these issues are interesting because I need tools for working with melodies. Last I checked Audacity’s spectrogram / pitch view was unusable for work I would like to do.