Plugin Pseudo Stereo truncates audio track


When I use the Pseudo Stereo plugin on audio files larger than 13:31 hrs it consistently cuts the size down to that length of time.
How come? Is that a bug or feature?
I use:
OS. Kubuntu 20.10
Audacity: 2.4.2


It’s because Nyquist plug-ins are currently limited to 2^31 samples. This limitation may be removed in the future but it’s quite tricky while we still support 32-bit builds of Audacity.

I’m surprised there wasn’t an error message, but I guess that I didn’t consider people using the effect on such long tracks when I wrote it (it’s quite an old plug-in).

So what is the best workaround do you think?

I tried this…

  • Cut away second half
  • Tracks/New…/Stereo track + Paste the second half into it
  • Run “Pseudo stereo” on each
  • Tracks/Align tracks end to end"
  • Mix and render

Or can you suggest some easier way? :slight_smile:

  1. Click on the track somewhere near the middle - preferably select a place that contains silence (or almost silent).
  2. “Edit menu > Clip Boundaries > Split”
    That will split the track into two “clips”.
  3. Double click in the left hand clip to select it.
  4. Apply “Pseudo Stereo” effect.
  5. Double click in the right hand clip to select it.
  6. Apply “Pseudo Stereo” effect.
  7. (Optional) Click on the split line to rejoin the the two clips.

Well, that’s seems a bit easier…
I’ll try that next time!

Thanks a lot, Steve!