plugin popouts

I bounce between Audacity and recently Izotope RX. The one thing I absolutely love about RX is that I can open several plugins at once, each an individual window, and drag them to the side or to another monitor and apply each one quickly as I go. Highlight, noise reduction. Highlight, change pitch. Highlight, de-click. All without having to scroll through a drop down menu every time, just highlight and apply (assuming I don’t need to make changes to the settings) Is there any possible way to get this in Audacity? Is there already and I just don’t know it? It speeds up the workflow incredibly well.

In Audacity you can set keyboard shortcuts to the effects that you use frequently:

I did that for my declick, but it’s still adding additional steps and load time. And I have to remember each shortcut.

You can sort of do this with Real-Time Preview effects - but only with one of them open at a time.

There are only two RTP effects currently shopped with Audacity Phaser and Wahwah, but you can download additional LADSPA, LV2, VST and Audio Unit (for Mac) effects, almost all of which will support real-time preview.

I’m liking the general idea expressed by Dman883 - I’d support the idea of having a palette of RTP effects open and available simultaneously, to be applied to whatever selection in whatever order.

If there is further support for this I will write a small formal proposal in the Audacity Wiki.


I’ll look into this and see what I can do with it. Thanks.

“Load time”?

I cobbled together the PC I’m using out of spare parts. It’s easy to tax it and cause delays when opening certain plugins.

On all machines that I have used (going back to very old XP machines), all of Audacity’s built-in effects, and all plug-ins that are shipped with Audacity, open virtually instantly. Third party plug-ins should do the same, but if they don’t then that’s a problem with the plug-in.

Personally I think that shortcuts to plug-ins is a superior solution than keeping plug-ins open when not in use, though I wish that Audacity had a shortcut to re-open the last plug-in (in addition to “Ctrl + R” for repeating the last effect).