Plugin crashes

The software Marshall I use crashes. Logs attached.

Audacity 2.1.1
jcm (131 KB)

Thanks but please be more specific what software you are talking about, and what exactly you do (1, 2, 3…) leading up to the crash. Did you mean “Marvel” (Marvel GEQ.dll)? That is not implicated in the call stack, but Floorfish is the last plugin mentioned before the crash.


It’s the Marshall JCM900 software amp at

  1. Select track
  2. Open JCM900
  3. Apply
  4. Watch the crash

The crash does not happen right away if Audacity has only a short history. In that case, the crash and log warning happen in shutting Audacity.
That also happens when the plugin is the first step after opening Audacity and importing one wav into an empty file.

I still use the plugin because it’s so good sounding.

New log attached. (127 KB)

Thanks, I added a bug report

In my testing, if you use the Manage button in any of the effects, then Options… and set Buffer Size to “8”, this may allow you to use the effect by just applying it, as long as you don’t play audio while the effect is open.

The effects do seem to work without crash in Audacity 2.0.0, but not 2.0.6.


I’ll try that. You gave me another idea too: make a chain with only that plugin in it.

Thank you

Setting buffer to 8 worsened the crashing,but setting to 8000 fixed it. High Five.

8000 is only 192 less than default.

Anyway I will say to reduce the buffer in the release notes, rather than set it to 8.


I saw that but the 192 made the difference.

I spoke to a programmer about it last week. He said that the writers worked in base ten and not binary, meaning for example that 1Mb is worked out as 1000K instead of 1024. The buffer needs to be 8000, not 8192 nor anything else.

OK I made this suggestion in the bug report and release notes. I still find 8 almost as safe myself, but 9 crashes a lot.



High Five