Plugin Behavior Change

Audacity 3.2.5 (and all versions after 2.x)
OS X 10.15.7

Since the 2.x versions which I used for quite a long time until perhaps the last several months, I was able to select and Preview a plugin, then Stop the Preview, and move the playhead on the track (behind the plugin dialog box), so I could sample a specific section. – Now, Audacity does not have that capability.

I now have to Close the plugin dialog box, Change the playhead location, Re-launch the plugin and then Preview at the new playhead position.

This is the case for all plugin behavior. It doesn’t matter which one I select. – If I want to proceed with a Preview after Stopping the Preview, I can no longer reposition the playhead. I have to terminate the plugin, reposition, and relaunch the plugin.

This was quite problematic from the very first time Audacity was released with this constraint.

Can You Return It To Function The Same As It Did In Version 2?