Plug ins

Hi all

I am running Linux Mint13 with Audacity 2. I am trying to understand how to enable certain VSTs, specifically killerringer. I can find a .dll file for the effect but nothing else. Do I need to be using Windows instead of Mint? Apologies if this has been asked before.

Many thanks

Audacity does not support VST on Linux (and there are very few VST plug-ins for Linux).
On Linux you can use LADSPA and Nyquist plug-ins.
There are many LADSPA plug-ins available (as an example, search the Mint repository for “Tap plug-ins”).
Note that Audacity does not support “all” LADSPA plug-ins. The Tap plug-ins have some of my favourites.

There are many Nyquist plug-ins available here:

Many thanks, in terms of the type of thing I was specifically after, do I just need to search the web?

Also, sorry, I am recording using my usb mic but only seem to be getting one channel? Do I need to make a recording and then change it into 2 track stereo?

You could try the modulation effects listed here:

That is normal. Set Audacity to record “1 channel (mono)” in the Device Toolbar.

Yo will only need to convert the track to stereo if you wish to apply a stereo effect, otherwise you can keep it as a mono track. Mono tracks can be panned left/right using the “pan slider” on the left end of the track.

Thank you