Plug-Ins Specific ones - ModernPlugins4950

How do I load the ModernPlugins4950 to my Audacity current version.
It’s a great plug in pack, like 22 items I believe, it includes modernblackdragon, moderncompressor, modernpremier, modernpolokiller and more.
Please Please Please.
Driving me NUTS.
Thanks in Advance,

Modern Plugins are VST plug-ins, not Nyquist Plug-ins, so I moved this to the Windows board for Audacity 2.x.

Make sure you have Audacity 2.0.2 from . Check at Help > About Audacity if you have 2.0.2 already.

Then you have to put all the plug-ins (DLL files) in the “Plug-Ins” folder in the folder Audacity is in. Next, click Edit > Preferences in Audacity, choose “Effects” on the left, put a checkmark in "Rescan VST effects next time Audacity is started ", then restart Audacity. The new effects will be in the Effect menu underneath the divider. More explanation here: .


Thanks so much.
Did ALL you advised and still NFG.
If there’s anything else I’ll try also, really want those plug-ins, tried them in another program and they were the cats meow.

Thanks so much,

What does this have to do with “National Fuel Gas”, or do you mean that you still have a problem?
If the latter, please describe clearly what the problem is. Ensure that you followed Gale’s instructions precisely - I’ve just tried installing the Modern Plug-ins on Windows and they do work.

My best guess as to what you are missing:

If you download Modern Plug-ins from the download is a ZIP file called “” that contains 5 files.

One of those files is called “ModernPlugins4950.rar”

That file is another “archive” file - in this case a “RAR” archive.

After you have extracted the 5 files from “” you then need to extract the .dll files from the “ModernPlugins4950.rar” archive and put the .dll files into the Audacity plug-ins directory.

Then follow the rest of the instructions that Gale posted.