Plug-ins do not show up

I am running Audacity 2.0 on a MacBook. When I go to effects, none of the plug-ins I have downloaded show up. However at the bottom are things like: “Apple:AUBandPass.”

My plug-ins are located in -Applications/Audacity/Plug-Ins

What do I do to make them show up?


The add-ons generally show up underneath the Apple built-in filters. Isn’t Vocal Remover and Cross Fade in there?

Pull down and install this one…

It’s a simple loudness compressor. It appears in your list, then there’s something wrong with your external plug-ins. If nothing shows up, then there’s something else wrong.


Thanks, no vocal remover; no cross-fade.

Chris’s was the one I was trying to install! I just tried again and it doesn’t show up. I downloaded the “pack” from Audacity and all of those showed up but it came as an install-package.