Plug In Question

I’m a new Audacity user and have made multiple recordings of guitar using a Line6 Guitarport interface. Now that I’m comfortable with the basics, I’d like to add drums to future recordings. Is there a programmable drum plug in software product that is compatible with the Windows version of Audacity?

Audacity does not support VST instruments (“VSTi”).

It is possible to record a stand-alone drum machine but, depending on the drum machine, that may not be necessary. Many of the better software drum machines allow you to save (or “export”) the drum pattern as a WAV file. The WAV file can then be imported into Audacity and you can play along with it and record yourself by “overdubbing” (see:

The main drum machine that I’ve used (on Linux) is “Hydrogen”. There is also a Widows version available on their website:
Here’s a quick demo of a “Jazz kit” exported from Hydrogen:

Many other drum samples are also available.

Thank you, Steve. I’ve downloaded Hydrogen and am learning the basics now.