Plug-in not being added to the Effects list

This morning I tried to install a plug-in (namely Chris’s Compressor) by taking the *.ny file, putting it in the plug-in folder and enabling it. So far so good: the plug-in shows up in the plug-in manager, I select it and click on “Enable”.

However, when I leave the manager menu and check under Effects, the plug-in doesn’t show up - and when I return to the plug-in manager, it again shows as disabled. I can repeat the process as often as I want, but enabling the plug-in never ‘sticks’.

Has anyone else encountered this kind of behaviour?

Do any outside filters work?


You have to press “Enable” button and then press “OK” button directly under it make changes stick …
Have to press 'OK' to make changes stick.gif

I thought I had done that, but apparently not… In any case, it now works. Yay! - and thanks a lot!