Just looking for a more simple explanation of pluck. I read the tutorial but can somebody explain why you would use pluck? I mean what is the final use for it? I know what it does and how to use it but…

Do you want a sound that goes “poink!” ? If you do, then “Pluck” is the tool for the job :wink:

“Pluck” is an example of a Nyquist plug-in for generating sounds. “Nyquist” is a programming language designed for generating and processing sound and is included in Audacity. it provides a relatively easy way for users to extend Audacity’s abilities in both generating and processing sounds (and other tasks). The “Pluck” effect is a simple example of a sound generator plug-in written in the Nyquist language.

You can learn more about Nyquist programming here:

There are many other Nyquist plug-ins available here:
As well as many “unofficial” and “experimental” plug-ins available in the Nyquist section of this forum:

Thanks! Think I’ll go poink around!