Pluck Generator [SOLVED]

I’m working with the latest version of Audacity (2.1.2) on MacOS X.7.5.

I’m currently assembling a set of short pieces in Just intonation in Audacity.

Is there a way to either change the midi-note pitch input on the pluck generator to operate via frequency (like all the other generators)


To incorporate microtonal pitch deviation into the generator?

There is Effect > Change Pitch so you can do it in post production.

In general, anyone advocating an Audacity program change is advised to take a number and get on line. However you may have stumbled into a fortuitous event. The Click Generator is up for renewal. One of the considered options is split Click Track into “Metronome” and “Drum Generator.” Once that happens, then it’s not a stretch that the Drum Generator may incorporate the usual variations and settings.

I know you want this change by the end of business day, but it could take a year or more. They are firming up 2.1.3, so it’s too late for that version which may hit the streets in a month or two. Next version could be 6 to 9 months after that.


Actually 2.1.3 is very unlikely before three or four months, as things are right now. There are four release blocking bugs.


On feedback@, Steve already explained you can modify Nyquist files yourself, and I already suggested (like Koz) that you could use Change Pitch afterwards. Did you try Change Pitch?

I am not expert enough to change pluck from MIDI to frequency without researching it, but if you want a “quick fix” you can try changing “int” to “real” in line 15 of pluck.ny:

;control pitch "Pluck MIDI pitch" real "" 60 1 120

I can then hear a difference between entering for example note 60 and “60.3”.

Does that work for you?


Here you go.
If you open this in a plain text editor you will see what I’ve changed.
Basically just changing the midi note control so that it has a frequency range, then removing the “step-to-hz” command so that the generator uses frequency (in Hz) rather than “steps” (MIDI note values).

Installation instructions:
The new plug-in:
pluck-hz.ny (1.3 KB)

Thanks, Steve and Gale.

I haven’t had a chance to try the post-generation pitch change, mainly because I’ve been down with a virus for two days, and am just barely starting to feel human again. I will definitely give both the new pluck generator a try first, then the post-generation pitch change. My main concern about doing it would be that different pitches would require different shifts, anywhere from 2 to 28 cents.

I just thought I’d post here first to see if anyone else had come up with an alternate work-around.

And having done a very_small amount of code writing back in the 80’s and 90’s, I know such things are not “immediate”, and am certainly not expecting this change to magically appear in 2.1.3!

I don’t recall anyone else complaining about pluck (usually a tuned note) using MIDI. MIDI may be easier than frequency for some.

It’s mainly up to Steve if he wants to offer frequency instead, or a choice of frequency or MIDI.


I don’t recall anyone asking for this before, but if dmbohn can checkout the new version that I posted and it works as expected, then I can upload it to the wiki in case anyone else wants it.

Been working with it all day. Works beautifully.

Muchos Gracias!

If anyone else does want it, it’s now on the Audacity wiki: