Plotting with horizontal scroll bar


I am working on project that has oscilloscope like real time project that store past data. Is someone already worked on such project could suggest me weather using wxWidget(wxMathPlot) or Qt(Qwt) is good option for such project? or any other sugession for fast plotting and horizontal scrollbar together?

From a Google search it looks like Qwt includes an oscilloscope in the official examples.

Thanks for reply.
Yes, Qwt has oscilloscope type plot in example but it dont have horizontal scroll bar facility. So my main concern is Scrolling past data on plot. Do you have any idea about plotting library that give storing code on top of regular ploting library? OR with regular library how can I store and retrive data fast? For example, in Audacity there is graph generation when user starts recording and when they stop or pause it allows user to scroll back and see the plot.

Sorry, I’ve not used either Qwt or wxMathPlot and my programming skills are rudimentary. You may do better asking on the Qwt and/or wxMathPlot forums.