Plot Spectrum & Spectrum FFT


I was wondering, does anyone know the actual code for the ‘Plot Spectrum’ For Hamming 1024, Linear Frequency? I would like to add the code as part of the appendix in my write up.

If anyone can help, thanks so much!

EDIT: Also, does anyone have the same for the Spectrogram FFT which you can view on the track?


I think this may be the bit that you’re looking for:

Thanks! however that seems just to be the spectrum FFT window or am I mistaken and it includes ‘plot spectrum’ ?

Again, thank you


As far as I can tell (and I’m not a programmer), the windowing function is handled within the FFT code. The “Spectrum” code just grabs the data from FFT and displays it, but it’s the FFT code that does all of the work.