Plethora of Issues - Lost Old Save, Program Runs Slow, High CPU Usage

Hi there,

Last month I downloaded the most recent version of Audacity (which I believe is 3.0) to record a new project. It worked fine- I got an hours worth of audio and whenever I had time within the past month, I would re-open the project and make small edits here and there. One thing I noticed was that every time I opened that project it would say it wasn’t saved correctly and gave me the option to “recover” the files, despite the fact I would always click “Save Project” before closing Audacity. I decided to just roll with it and assumed it was a bug.

Yesterday I was making the finishing touches on my audio when Audacity suddenly began to run extremely slow. Any time I made an edit I would have to wait about 1-2 minutes for Audacity to complete the action as it would completely freeze and say “Not Responding” before eventually applying the change. I had no idea what was causing it, so I decided to use a program called “CCleaner” to clean up my PC and then I reset my computer.

When I loaded back in and tried opening the project I couldn’t. Weeks worth of work completely gone; weather this be due to my cleaning my computer or Audacity having save issues, I don’t know.

After trying to find any sort of fix for it and coming up empty I decided to move on and re-record the audio from scratch. I got about half an hours worth of audio done before once again, Audacity failed me. This time I had my task manager open to watch. Every time I preformed an action- weather it be me pressing the “stop” button to end a recording, me deleting a 3 second clip, or even just me closing the Program, Audacity would freeze and its CPU usage would shoot up to 30%. The power usage changed from “Very Low” to “Very High”.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Audacity, I’ve tried restarting my computer, I’ve even tried downloading it to a different drive but nothing is helping. I need this software to work and I’m completely stuck. Can someone please help me figure out what’s going on here??

I’m using Windows 10 & Recording with a Blue Yeti microphone.

Audacity 2.4.2 always seemed to work? Or were you using an even earlier version?


Hi there! I’ve been using the most recent version of Audacity which I believe is 3.0.0?

I think koz was asking about the version that you used previously (before you " downloaded the most recent version of Audacity").

I see- well I’ve only ever used the most recent version of Audacity (3.0.0).

We’ve had a couple of similar reports, but we’re finding it very difficult to reproduce the problem.

After saving the project, do you shut down (“exit”) Audacity before shutting down the computer?

How big is the project?
Had you been working on the project for a long time continuously?
Does this relate to using “Undo”?

Are you using an English version of Windows?

Yep! Once I save the project I exit out of Audacity completely before shutting down my PC. It used to close fine but now when I close Audacity it’ll freeze for a good 10-30 seconds before closing.

  • Original project length was 1hr and had no issue until a few weeks later. New project is 30mins- Audacity started to slow down once I hit 33mins or so.
  • Original project no- I would work on it for maybe an hour or two every so often. For the new project I did work on it for around 2 hours before the program began to slow. Even after waiting a day and coming back to Audacity it’ll still run as slow as it did a few days ago.
  • I’ve not used “Undo”
  • And yes, I’m using an English version of Windows.

Thank you for trying to help me solve this problem!

Try doing “File menu > Save Project > Save As” to create a copy of the project with a new (unique) name.
Then quit Audacity and restart.
Is the new copy any more responsive than the original?