please your help on recording

I’m new to audacity.
my question,is why when stopping the recording,and activate it again,the software automatically
records on new track.
how to configure itto record on the same track?


Transport menu > Append Record (Shift+R)

it didn’t help.
when stopping the recording.
and recording again a new track is open automatically and the recording is on this track.
unless there is solution,only when pressing pause and then record the recording sytays on the same track.
I never seen such situation at tny other software.


  1. Open a new Audacity project.
  2. Click the Record button OR press the “R” key on your computer keyboard. This will start recording on a new track.
  3. Click the Stop button OR press spacebar. This will stop the recording.
  4. Hold the Shift key down and click the Record button (while holding down the Shift key) OR hold down the Shift key and press the R key on your computer keyboard (while holding down the Shift key). This will resume recording on the same track.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 as necessary.

In most other multi-track audio software it is a lot more complex. Usually it involves creating a new track of the type required, setting the cursor position for the start of the recording, arming the track ready for recording, then starting recording.

to me it looks very awkward the issue with the shift key.
why to open another track automatically…it looks like a bug.

Obviously it is not a “bug” because the developers designed it that way.

Is your need only to record at the end of the same track? If so, you can open Keyboard Preferences and change the current shortcut for Append Record (SHIFT + R) to something else. For example you can change it to “R”.

There is no way to change the action of clicking the Record button to Append Record, though.