Please post some feedback on my song

This is one of my first projects and will be played at my wedding in June. Any feedback is greatly appreaciated, thanks!

Congratulations on both the success of your first Audacity project, and your forthcoming marriage.

I was a bit hesitant when the track started - the stereo separation is very wide (could be a problem if it is not being played in stereo) and there seems to be an unsettling “wobble” to the sound, but as it went on it the overall mix seemed much better.

The whole thing is possible a bit toppy (not much warmth to the sound), but that is certainly better than it being muddy.

I like that you have kept your use of compression and reverb quite low, though I would perhaps use a touch more compression on the lead guitar as it seems to “ping” out a bit obtrusively in a couple of places.

I’m sure the new wife and guests will love it.