Please make the "Save" file path editable

Hey Audacity Team,

for years now I would wish that I can type in the file path of the “Save” window.
Thought that it might be time to register for this forum and voice that wish in the right location :slight_smile:

Current file path in “Save” window:

What I would wish it to be:

This feature would be like a christmas gift for me :smiley:

Kind Regards,

The upcoming version of 3.0.0 which is in development right now will enable you to set your default locations for various file activities in Audacity.

Here is a preview in the page of the alpha 3.0.0 manual for setting this:


Hi WC,

Thanks for the reply! :smiley:

I am not talking about the default save location, but about that you can click on the folder path and start typing or Copy-Pasting paths in.
The folder bar in the Windows Explorer is clickable and then changes from a “C > Folder A > Folder B” view to a Text-Field “C:\Folder A\Folder B” that is then editable via the keyboard. Audacity does not have this feature yet.