Please I need HELP with export to MP3

I use windows 10 and audacity and have recorded before in other versions of audacity. I recorded a nice song. Saved and mastered. I wanted to convert to MP3. So exported and saved as MP3. I have the Lame download as needed. When I call up file to play in media player the file shows it playing however there is not any sound. Can anyone please help me. I am at a loss as to why no sound and have read all over here and in troubleshooting etc. Thank you - coyote

What happens when you open the MP3 in Audacity? Do you get a “flat line” silent file? Is the playing-time of the silent file the same as your “mastered” file?

Saved and mastered.

Exported as a WAV file?

I have the Lame download as needed.

Did you download the Audacity version of LAME (Lame v3.99.3 for Windows.exe) from [u]here[/u] and then click-on the EXE file to install it?