Please how to change any voice to my voice?

Hi ,
I want to change any recorded audio file with my voice,
I do not want to take the voice from file and then replace the voice with my voice.
actualy I want to replace the exicting one as it is and change with my voice.
something like ;re-put my sample voice and then the software replace with my voice.
I hope someone can recommend how to do this or acompolish thai with any other software on the market.
Thank you

The vocoder effect in Audacity 1.3 may be able to help. The vocoder can make you sound like a musical instrument.

This clip is Peter Frampton singing through his guitar.


This assumes you have your voice on a separate track. If the voice is already mixed with the instruments, what you’re asking is impossible.

– Bill

Bill ,Thanks for your comment.
Yes the voice is on separate track but it is not mix with instrument,
it is only the voice audio, like someone talks.
I wonder if I can do this.

*Hi Koz thanks for your comment,
I will take a look at vocoder effect to see how it is works.
Thank you

Vocoder uses two different sounds. Your voice is one sound and a musical instrument or other sound is the other. You can make yourself talk through a train whistle or other musical sound. You could put a separate voice as the second sound and mix them.