Please help...

Why is Audacity so brilliant yet so infuriating?

New update for Mac demands update of 64 bit Audacity. Ok.

Start editing with Audacity & then suddenly it freezes (I have flashbacks to last Mojave update when it did the same for a long time driving my blood pressure through the roof).

It freezes, I reboot Mac but I’ve lost two hours of work. Nothing has saved. I try to delete Audacity & reinstall prepared to start from scratch but it will not open. I get the impression - based on previous experience - that it is already running somewhere as the Mac seems to try to open the app …(why do Apple have these invisible areas? why does Apple not tell you why something isn’t working?)

What do I do? This is my livelihood that Apple is so casual about…btw I am not an expert with Macs (obvs) so answers need to be fairly straightforward. Sorry!

There are other free & commercial audio editor software …
https ://
OCENaudio is free, available as 64-bit, but not as powerful as Audacity.
IMO OCENaudio is worth having as a plan-B.

Nothing has saved.

I know this is a rotten time to bring this up, but you can still go back to the original recording of your work or voice, right? You’re not trying to edit the only copy of the work?

I’ve lost two hours of work.

Two hours of editing, not two hours of performance?

it is already running somewhere as the Mac seems to try to open the app

There used to be a status file that got stuck open and running and you couldn’t close it by simply restarting. This would happen when Audacity took a dive at the wrong time. I need to look.

Are you starting to run out of drive space? That’s one of those, “I’ve been doing this for years and now suddenly”… problems.


Also, scan down on this post for a lock file.

Your symptoms don’t exactly fit that, so it could be as simple as you ran out of space on your drive. As you edit, Audacity many times tries to save the whole show as a backup-UNDO. It can burn through drive space in a hurry, particularly if you’re trying to edit a multi-hour show.