Please Help

so i am using a audiobox usb presonus with a m7 presonus microphone and the microphone option is not popping up for me to select it but the speaker option from the headphone is popping up and playing through the headphones connected too the audiobox but i cant get the microphone to show. I tried rescanning audio devices nothing. i just switched over to a windows computer it used to work fine on mac. please help

and the microphone option is not popping up

It won’t see the microphone, but it should see the Presonus interface. It may not say “Presonus”, but it should say “USB… something”.

No like when I press the drop down too select a microphone nothing with the audio box pops up but on the speaker drop Down headphones(audiobox usb) shows up

I think Windows 10 has two different tabs, one for speakers/headphones Playback and the other for Recording.

This is the one in Win7, but I think they’re similar.
This is my USB interface with sound on the green meter on the right.