Please Help

My friend and I are trying to record a crazy compilation of music using different instruments. Problem one: trying to record many seperate tracks. Problem two: I would like to record onto existing tracks I have made and named, but everytime I hit record it makes a new track. Problem three: mics, mixers, pedals-- oh my. What kind of mics should I use, and should I get a four or some other number mixer type thing that I can run mics through and junk? Thanks for your attention.

Chase Manhattan


Audacity is a multi-track editor - think of it as a multi-track tape deck - it’s designed to create multiple tracks like that so that you con work on them and edit them independently. You can always Mix& Render (1.3) or Quickmix (1.2) to combine tracks to a single stereo pair - or Audacity will automatically do the mix on Export for final production.

You can with 1.3.5 add a recording on to the end of an existing track (use Shift + Record) - but not in the middle, vor can you over-record to correct stuff.