uhh ok so i tried exporting a AAIF file and it says "cannot export audio to Volume/Audacity2.0.4/audacity/Audacity recording.Aiff. im getting pretty mad at this point plzz help

I think some Audacity installs try to save your exported work to the /Applications or other system folder. That’s a bad idea. Export new sound files to Desktop or Music or other predictable place.

Are you trying to run Audacity from the downloaded disk image? That’s a bad idea, too. Install Audacity for real before you use it.

Double click the .dmg file and it will explode into the program folder and instructions like this:


  • To install Audacity, copy the Audacity folder to /Applications or
    any other location of your choosing.

  • If you are a first-time user of Audacity, security settings on
    OS X 10.7 or later may block Audacity being launched. To permanently
    enable Audacity launch, right-click or control-click on the Audacity
    application in Finder, choose “Open”, then in the dialog box that
    appears, choose “Open”.

    If you have completely scrambled permissions, you may get that as well.

Go > Utilities > Disk Utilities > select your system disk and Repair Permissions.


You are running Audacity from the DMG : “Volumes/Audacity2.0.4/”.

Please install Audacity according to the instructions on the download page: .
– Bill