Please help!

Hi there,
I have to record a radio show tomorrow and I’m clueless! I have the records side of thing sorted using my KAM BDX900 USB turntable and Audacity soft ware. Problem comes when I want to insert a bit of me talking. The mic sounds awful going through my mixer(Kam Scratch Pro 150). Is it the way I have it set up?

Any info or walk through would be so appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

How many other shows have you done and how many times have you recorded yourself? This can be a very broken microphone, or it could be you never heard yourself announcing music before. It takes most people several tries to get used to themselves announcing. It’s a strange experience. Not everybody can do it.

I’m not following how you’re trying to mix the show You have a USB turntable and you play and capture one song. You put that on the Audacity timeline and then announce over it using your microphone…

Oh, wait. That’s an analog mixer. You have a Windows Laptop, right? Chances are really good you can’t connect the two. The output of the mixer is high-level, powerful, stereo, and the laptop is expecting low-level, delicate, mono in order to process a direct microphone.

You probably need a USB High-Level stereo adapter like the UCA-202 or equivalent. That will accept the connection from the mixer and turn it into a USB audio signal for the laptop.


I’ve not done many shows but your right, hate the sound of me own voice! I’m using an iMac with the mic pluged into my mixer which is connected to my usb turntable

<<<I’ve not done many shows but your right, hate the sound of me own voice!>>>

There is a presenter on the BBC that occasionally arrives in the US. She’s really good and she has a gentle Gaelic twist to her voice.

You’ll get over that. You can do classes with yourself by recording somebody whose voice you like and play it next to your own voice saying the same words. Actors and performers do this all the time. Even if you don’t have a deep voice that will push a glass from a table, the rhythm, character, and flavor of the voice is gold.

Lauren Bacall had a deeper voice than Humphrey Bogart.

So we’re back to not knowing what you’re talking about. The turntable has a switch so it will present the vinyl or an external connection – your mixer? I really doubt the system will do both sounds at once.

Can you post a four or five second sample of the evil audio? Capture the work, Convert it to a mono track (Tracks > Stereo Track To Mono) and export it as a FLAC file. Post it here.