Please help with the library setup

I am trying to set up the ffmpeg-mac-2-2.2 library and not having success. I have read the instructions thoroughly, and scanned the forums, but can’t find the answer. Please help!

I am running OSX El Captain 10.11.4

I downloaded Audacity 2.1.0 - it launches without incident.

I am trying to import songs from iTunes.

I downloaded the ffmpeg file as noted above, and placed it in my applications folder, where Audacity is located as well. I pointed the library location to that folder, but it does not recognize it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


The instructions are correct, I can assure you. Did you download the ZIP file of FFmpeg? If so, the contents (which are multiple dylib files) must be extracted from the zip, and then Audacity pointed specifically to libavformat.55.dylib. Pointing Audacity to the ZIP file, or only extracting libavformat.55.dylib won’t work.

I recommend you download Audacity from us at We always have the current release which is 2.1.2 at the moment.

On Mac, you don’t need FFmpeg to import files from iTunes, except for files with MP4 extension and AIF* files containing compressed audio (those issues will be fixed in the next 2.1.3 release of Audacity).


For the upcoming 2.1.3 release I have updated the Manual, rearraging the installation instructions so that they are split out by operating system.

You may find this page from the updated Manual useful:

I recently road tested and amended slightly the LAME and FFmpeg installation instructions - so I know that they work on my MAcbook Pro under Sierra.

Don’t use this Manual for anything else as it carries many modifications that will be in 2.1.3 that are not in the current 2.1.2 release.