Please Help with Recording using Line 6 UX1 and audacity 2.2.2


I’ve spent hours simply trying to record acoustic guitar on Windows 10, with a line6 ux1 interface, with audacity 2.2.2. I have read tutorials, changed a ton of settings, but I simply cannot figure out how to record. I’m happy to give all details.

I would like to know where to plug my guitar cable into the UX1 interface, and how to configure my audacity settings. Furthermore, how do I configure my computer settings using Windows 10?

I’m quite frustrated by I know other people can help me figure this out.

Any help is appreciated.


Plug your guitar into the guitar input. :wink:

You might have to record in stereo and the guitar may come-into the right channel. Then you can delete the “silent” left channel after recording and make a mono or “dual mono” track. (A true-mono recording will play out of both speakers.)

Make sure to select the Line 6 as your [u]Recording Device[/u]. (It may say “Line 6”, or it may just say “USB… something”.)

I think that’s 4-channel interface (with mic, instrument, and two line-inputs). Depending on “where” the guitar comes-in, you may have to select channels 3 & 4 (for left & right) but I assume the mic is 1 (left) and the guitar is 2 (right).

…For an interface like this, you might have better luck with the Cubase software it came with. (Audacity works best with “simple mono” or “regular” 2-channel stereo recordings.)