Please help to Clean a very bad record ? :(


Yesterday night I recorded a friend’s mix to a party with my laptop…
But I think I got a conflict with the mic input + Web-cam’s mic… And the web-cam got the priority on the Mic input…

Anyway here is a short sample of what I recorder :

Becareful dB level is very high!

Does someone know some good tips I could use to get a better sound quality?
This is for personal use then I do not ask the real top professional quality :wink:.
But to obtain a better sound for my ears.

I tried some noised removal with different parameters, followed tutorial to remove voices around, etc…
But Bass are very high, this create be big noise etc… :frowning:

Really thank for your help,


The best I can suggest is using a steep low pass filter and amplifying to bring it into the normal range (“Edit menu > Preferences > Quality” must be set to 32 bit float before importing). The result still sounds terrible. There’s just too much damage.

Running this code in the “Nyquist prompt” effect will filter steeply at 6500 Hz, and gentle roll off at 150 Hz and bring the peak level to about -0.4 dB

(lowpass8 (hp (mult 0.5 s) 150) 6500)