Please help, signal question....

Thanks for taking the time out to look at this and hopefully help… Starting a podcast and pretty new to all of this but understand the basics… heres my problem… i have a usb mixer with my mic connected via xlr, the levels, gain, eq etc on the mixer are all where they need to be… i open audacity and when monitoring my voice on my screen, im at about -30 on my input meter in my normal talking voice… when i record, the highs and lows on the track are non existent, i mean the “wave” for my vocals is almost a flat line impossible to edit… so i go through my control panel and check the “manange my devices” to make sure the computer is picking up a good amount of signal from the mic… it doesnt seem to be, im getting one bar of signal and of course my line in volume is turned all the way up… im confused because i watch tutorials on audacity on youtube and their wave sits inbetween -.5 and .5 whereas mine likes just like a thicker version of the 0db line lol… also when i playback the volume through my speakers or headphones it doesnt seem to be particuarly low… Im sure this post makes no sense but if you can make any sense of this or can ask me questions to try and get an answer please do, any help would be great, thanks

Have you set Audacity in Device Toolbar to record from “USB Audio Codec” or similar (that is, the mixer)? If the USB Audio Codec is not visible, choose Transport > Rescan Audio Devices from the Audacity menu.