Please help record audio generated by computer to Audacity.

Windows 10
Audacity 2.3.0

I would like to record the audio coming from some music sequencer software I am using on my computer to Audacity. The midi out device is: Java Internal Synth. When I open Audacity the options are MME, Windows DirectSound and WASSPI ~~~ microphone (USB Audio Device) and Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input

No matter which combination of these options I select Audacity is recording my microphone and not the Java Internal Synth. Is there anything I can change in my “computer” settings so that Audacity will record the Java Internal Synth audio?

Thank you in advance for any help,

In my computer’s sound settings I changed from Speakers/Headphones-Realtek Audio-Default Communications to Speakers-USB Audio Device-Default Device and I changed in Audacity to Windows WASAPI Speakers (USB Audio Device) (loopback) and it seems to be recording but I can’t hear the audio through my headphones/computer speakers. Any ideas as to what I am still doing incorrectly?

Thank you,