Please help! Pause at Dead-Air!

Hello, I have a 1 and a half hour long mp3 file I would like to burn to a CD, the CDsI use however, only hold 80 minutes. I was wondering if I could do somthing where isnstead of recording the dead space, it just PUASES at the dead space, then plays again when the dead space is gone(to shorten the MP3, but still have it sound right) can anyone help me with this?

Perhaps the “Truncate Silence” effect:

The 80 minute (really more like 78 minutes) is only valid if you make a “real” Audio CD. Do you really think you can trim a 90 minute show down to 78 minutes?

You can also just speed up the show. Effect > Change Rhythm…I think. That will give you that “Void where prohibited, Licenses drivers only. Consult your local listings” voice at the end of commercials.

You can also make a Data CD and put your whole MP3 on there. Those work like a flat, shiny hard drive. You can put a Photoshop file on there if you want.

You need to know what your audience is. Almost all computers on earth with optical drives will play both. My Portable Music Player and my old truck/lorry demand a real Audio CD.


It has to be thta long, i already trimmed it, and i tried that effect, it just removed dead space, I still want it to pause there though. It sounds off without it

What happened when you tried Effect > Change Tempo? You maybe able to use a combination of effects to get there. That is a very serious change and I would expect to hear some damage.