Please Help - No Audacity.cfg file?

Hello all. I will start by saying I am not very computer literate when it comes to files/codes etc. To me its like Japanese.

I have a basic USB microphone which I use for vocal work. The first week of using Audacity was fine until I messed around with the settings and now it gives me lots of interference (Noise removal didn’t work). After trying to change it all back etc, I decided to just uninstall it, then re install Audacity 2.0.5.

I then read the Audacity Wiki and realised that Audacity will keep the old preferences, even if you install a new version.

So I decided to look the Wiki guide and followed the instructions to change the preferences back to default. It tells me to locate the “Audacity.cfg” file but this file is NOWHERE on my laptop. I have checked every folder…

I am using Windows 7 if that helps.

If anybody can help me, I will probably be very grateful!

The simplest way to reset Audacity Preferences is to reinstall Audacity with “Reset Preferences” enabled half way through the installer. See: .

The Manual and Wiki both make clear that you have to show hidden files and folders before you can find audacity.cfg. Here is how to show hidden files and folders on Windows 7: .

Resetting Preferences may not necessarily fix the interference. I suggest you attach a small audio sample of the interference if the problem persists. See here for how to create and attach an audio sample: .


You are an amazing human being!

I’ve deleted the correct entries within the .cfg file and now I am relaunching Audacity.

I have been met with a box asking me if I want to install the VST Effects:

Hard Limiter_1413

Should I check the boxes or uncheck?

Thanks, Rich.

Those two effects are “LADSPA” effects. They are shipped with Audacity 2.0.5 as standard. We’ve not had any reports of problems with either of these effects (and they work fine on my machine) so it should be safe to enable them (boxes ticked).

Right - Audacity is working now so a big thank you to the two posters above!

I now have a different problem. There seems to be a lot of background/static noise even when I’m recording silence. I have recorded a 6 second example so if somebody can help explain how to sort the noise out that should solve everything.

It didn’t used to do this. I know how to do the noise removal (When you record a quiet part of the audio) but because theres constant crackling/interference I can’t use a quiet piece as an example!

The file should be attached to this post.
Thanks again.

Is the noise in your attached file the same noise that you had before resetting preferences?

The noise in your attachment removes quite well with noise removal.


The noise before was MUCH worse, there was crackling etc before.

Prior to me having these issues, noise removal worked perfectly on my recordings I thought you had to give Audacity an example of “silence” for it to work?

So what your saying is, I can just do the noise removal process as normal by highlighting that background noise in the clip I attached to this thread?

I cant thank you enough. I wish I would be as technical as you lot! :blush:

You have to give it an example of “noise only”. The noise may sound very quiet but it isn’t absolute silence or there would be nothing to remove.

Try it.

The noise will remove better where there is only noise than where the noise is mixed with the signal you want to keep, but increasing the “Sensitivity” slider should help with that.

You may need to amplify the audio again after noise removal but it should still sound better than before removal.