Please HELP. my music which i recorded pauses in between then unpauses in 2 seconds or so

i don’t understand why but whenever im playing the music i recorded(my voice), it keeps pausing in b/w with no fixed time but randomly, ive re booted the computer 3x but still it keeps happening, ive checked all the plugs and also done the transport thing(im just a newbie and not familiar with all the terms). i would be really really helpful if somebody can help me bcoz ive worked really hard to make and record the music and can’t afford to lose it. also, whenever the recording pauses, the pause button isnt triggered, the play button is triggered yet it happens, i thought my laptop was hanging but then i noticed that the volume was going down normally whenever it would pause. PLEASE HELP.

I occasionally see that in Audacity3 on Windows …

thanks for the quick reply

can i do something on this version of audacity, and will the pauses still be there when i export it?

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