Please help me why does it not work i've been doing this for an hour

I have so many questions
What do I connect I have no speaker and headphones do microphone audio I NEED AUDIO FROM MY SCREEN

If you have a Windows computer, see …

Windows WASAPI loopback recording

To me as an outsider looking in this seems very confusing…?

You say you are using windows…? are you watching video on some software but hear no sound…??
If that case that needs sorted before worrying about audacity…??

Is it a desktop unit with a seperate screen…Is that why you say you need Audio from my screen. ??
A screen can not give audio out itself except it has a speaker built in to it… If you have a manual read it or google it . If speaker is not built in then there should be audio sockets linein/lineout headphone hdmi etc on the side, front or back of the screen for you to plug in a speaker… BUT …more than likely the linein/lineout etc sockets are on the back or front of the desktop unit and you should plug the speakers in there.
OR… Is you computer a laptop with screen as the top folding bit over the keyboard base part. It could have speakers built in to the base bit or the screen bit…AND it also likely has linein/ lineout/ headphonr/mic sockets…you need to look around it and read the manual or google details.
In any case you will need the drivers for these installed and settings to get sound working in Windows speakers before considering Audacity problems.

You need to tell us here what you are doing rather than us guessing… and tell us what is happening.

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