PLEASE help me. WASAPI recordings sound totally different.

Windows 8.1, Audacity 2.0.5, WASAPI recording issue.

When I record anything playing on my laptop with WASAPI, the output sounds drastically different and I have checked every possible thing, I honestly don’t know why this is.

I have attached a demo of how anything usually sounds when recorded this way. The youtube video I recorded was this:

The first part is the youtube video (just converted to mp3, the way my Audacity should actually put it out after recording), and the second part is the same section of the song recorded with WASAPI.

In my Windows dell audio options (under recording) even after switching between my usual default realtek device and the disabled realtek stereo mix (enabling it), Audacity gives out the same output, the same problem.

Any help to fix this is really really appreciated since I have no clue why this output always sounds this way.

From the MP3: The first segment is louder, but almost mono. There is very little difference between the left and right tracks and it sounds flat. The second segment is quieter, but it’s in full stereo. There is a distinct depth and separation in the performance.

If segment 1 is normal, that may mean WASAPI is getting its show from one of the Windows sound services like “Cathedral Sound” or “Rock Echo.”

You should dig around in the control panels to see if there’s anything there that shouldn’t be. I got burned with this once. “Cathedral Sound” and I go way back. Audacity does not apply effects and filters in real time. So what you got is what Windows provided.


If that option isn’t available look for DELL’s own-brand pseudo-surround-sound stereo-enhancement effect , which can be switched off.