PLEASE HELP ME, really need help

Hi people

I hope someone can help me with a problem i am facing, please-

My problem is : I was working on a project where i imported different songs,and i cut them up to last only 30 secs for each imported song. This was a dj mix preview for a mixtape. Then i saved my project by pressing : save project as. 2 secs later the program frooze up. I then ended the whole program, i shut it down. Then i went to look for my project to see if i managed to save it, yes is was saved, but saved in a strange way i did not understand.

I pressed on the saved file and it open. I thought it would open as the full project in audacity, but it didnt. When i press on my saved file in order to open the whole project up, i see that my whole project has been divided into over 1000 files in AU-format. ANd i dont get the whole project back up, it has split up my project into 1000 + files in AU-format. How can i get the whole project back up in one piece, and not split up piece for piece???

Please help me, i have worked hard on this, and dont want to miss this… PLEASE help me anyone

See this Wiki topic:

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