Please help: How to cut in the middle of a audio timeline (NOT ONLY 1 AUDIO CLIP)

Hey guys,

Im desperate.
I am editing an audio track of 20mn for dubbing, and doing the audio sync.

I NEED to be able to do a simple cut ANYWHERE in the vertical audio timeline (not only inside an audio clip) in order to drag in one time ALL the audio clips on the right to the left while keeping perfectly as it is INCLUDING empty space between all clips.

Basically i am editing this voice over for a video to make it matching the original video.
There is a lot of different audio clips on the time line but some are well timed and other not.

When i correct an audio clip that then become shorter, i need to cut the “empty space” left and reattached the modified audio clip to everything that follows as it is.

For that I NEED to be able to either drag where i want and in ONE TIME, ALL the audio clips on the right of my cursor or to do a cut that will literally cut a part of the the full horizontal audio timeline in order to keep all timing of untouched audio clips.

Seems like older version have this thing called “time shift tool”, but now you have to manually selected the clips you want to drag. And a 20mn video have a LOT of clips to move in this situation so selecting it manually takes ages and is not manageable.

Thanks in advance to anyone who could help me find a solution as it is for my work and could REALLy help me for real !

Cheers guys !

Like this?

So this is done by first selecting audio from all the clips you wish to move then dragging any single one of the clips.

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